Monday, August 2, 2010

10th day of Vacation; Good Morning!

This 3 hour difference is still not easy to get use to. I wake up and look at my phone and see 6:10am but it's really 9:10am here! That's crazy. Well, I'm exhausted, but we're all packing up and getting things together. This is the day where we all part and go our seperate ways. We have a 4 hour drive today as we make our way up to Bowling Green, Kentucky! Another state i've never been to. . . (Dad saying good bye to Uncle Gary)
(Uncle Randy and Dad saying goodbye)

(Petting KeKe while on the road)

(Me saying good bye to Uncle Gary)

(Me saying good bye to Uncle Randy)

(Dad saying good bye to Aunt Bobbie)

(Setting up the dolly to leave)

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