Saturday, July 31, 2010

8th day and still in Tennessee

Woke up to rain this morning. Very nice :) Holly and I got ready when my parents went out to breakfast, then they came back and we all went shopping all day long. It's been really fun and tonight I went fishing and caught a small fish this time like my dad did yesterday. And my uncle Gary is really scared of snakes so we bought a rubber snake and pulled a prank on him and he was scared. It was really funny! I love being with the family. Also, one of the places we went to was all about Christmas - interesting. Hence the picture of Santa below.


(Holly on her labtop and me fishing!)

(Holly showing off her rings!)

(Trying on shirts)(Walking around the mall)(Santa and bad lighting)(We have a Santa beard!)(Holly posing)(Mwah!)(Me talking to my aunt and uncle at the Christmas Store)(YAY FOR STARBUCK$)(Marching to starbucks (me))(My mommy)(a building upside down!!!!)(BAM!)(After I did an Indian Dance jk)(Holly with a wig hat on)(I wanted to get the frog!)(Mommy and I)(The police!)(Ripleys)(Random waterfall)(My little catch)(Holly and her labtop)(Setting up to fish!)(My new outfit)

(Holly in her outfit)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Another day in Tennessee making this Day 7

Today Holly and I went shopping for a little more at the mall they have here. It's huge! Then we had lunch at Red Lobster after :) We came home, took a nap, then I walked around, talked with my uncles, and then went fishing with my dad and uncle Gary. My dad caught a little fish and I caught a catfish! No rain today, but last night it was pouring! Sweet!

-Love, Bri

(Holding the fish I caught)

(Sitting outside of Red Lobster)

(Holly posing at the table)

(Me walking in front of Red Lobster, very hungry!)

(Holly waiting to cross the street)

(Finding a place to eat)

(My fish I caught- Channel Catfish)

(My dad fishing)

(My dad's little little little fish)

(My Uncle Gary and my Dad)

(My shoes, and the water)

(Chubs, My uncle Gary's dog)

(My dad sitting and my uncle Randy and his grand kid in his arms)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

6th day - Afternoon Blog Post

So we're here in Serierville, Tennessee. I guess it's really close to Pigeon Forge. I found a mall so Holly and I are going to go right now! SHOPPING! :) This place is so nice, it has a huge river, and two pools here. There are also a lot of bears here too apparently. We will have to see. I'm just glad we will be parked for a few days without the whole get up and go situation. Hope everyone who is reading this has a good day and thanks for staying up with this.

-Bri(Taking a picture of the street we parked our RV on)(Me giving my dog kisses and yeah yeah I know the price tag is still on my shirt)(Holly telling me my future!)(Where Holly and I had dinner and a vegetarian waiter! SWEET!)(Frisky Jr. & I might be going back to get him!)(Couldn't help but draw on my dads car!)

(My uncle instructing me on how to ride his mo ped!!! :] It was SWEET)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6th day (7/28/10) In Georgia/Tennessee

Today we got up, got ready and cruised on over to my Uncle Gary's house to see my cousins, have pizza, and catch up! It was a nice get-together. Holly and I walked around their house because it's all forest! Then my Uncle Randy met up with us, and My uncle Gary, My dad, and My Uncle Randy all got in our RV's and we followed eachother to Tennessee! We are only about an hour into Tennessee, not even sure where, because they were tired of driving. Tomorrow we will be in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for 4 nights straight! Yay! Shopping too! :)

(LEFT TO RIGHT: My cousin Elizabeth sitting, my aunt Bobbie standing above her, and my other cousin Sarah standing next to her. My dad is sitting and my mom is next to him then me, and my uncle Gary.)

(Playing with Jayden, my uncle's grandkid)

(He really liked the Motorcycle)


(He loved the wooden train!)