Sunday, August 1, 2010

9th day and last day in Tennessee

This morning the family went out into town to shop and I stayed back and relaxed. Tonight is the last night that the whole family will be together. Tomorrow morning, my uncles are going back to their home in Alabama and Georgia, and for my family and I, we are gearing up to continue traveling across the United States. I'd love to go see Nashville, but it's so humid here, I'm ready just to go North! 5 days in Tennessee was enough! Whew! So with it being the last night we are all together, I took pictures of the family. Also- there are pictures of me fishing again today and caught two fish! Woohoo! Enjoy!

-Love, Bri

(We don't know what kind of fish that was but it was heavy!)(Close up of the fish)
(Me holding the fish...and as white as it!!)(First catch of the evening, bass)(The brothers; Uncle Gary in the black T-shirt, my Dad in the red, and Uncle Randy in the blue)(Left to Right; Aunt Bobbie, Uncle Gary, Dad and Mom, Uncle Randy and his nephew Jaylen, and Aunt Barbra)(My uncle and I :] )(KeKe staring at the dog)(Dorrie scratching and going crazy for my mom)(Closest RV is ours, then Uncle Gary's and furthest is Uncle Randy's)(KeKe laying on Holly)

(Pretty River)

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