Saturday, July 31, 2010

8th day and still in Tennessee

Woke up to rain this morning. Very nice :) Holly and I got ready when my parents went out to breakfast, then they came back and we all went shopping all day long. It's been really fun and tonight I went fishing and caught a small fish this time like my dad did yesterday. And my uncle Gary is really scared of snakes so we bought a rubber snake and pulled a prank on him and he was scared. It was really funny! I love being with the family. Also, one of the places we went to was all about Christmas - interesting. Hence the picture of Santa below.


(Holly on her labtop and me fishing!)

(Holly showing off her rings!)

(Trying on shirts)(Walking around the mall)(Santa and bad lighting)(We have a Santa beard!)(Holly posing)(Mwah!)(Me talking to my aunt and uncle at the Christmas Store)(YAY FOR STARBUCK$)(Marching to starbucks (me))(My mommy)(a building upside down!!!!)(BAM!)(After I did an Indian Dance jk)(Holly with a wig hat on)(I wanted to get the frog!)(Mommy and I)(The police!)(Ripleys)(Random waterfall)(My little catch)(Holly and her labtop)(Setting up to fish!)(My new outfit)

(Holly in her outfit)

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