Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5th day! (7/27/10) In Georgia!

Yesterday, we were camped out next to a lake without any internet access so this blog post is posted a bit late. Sorry! :) So, yesterday I saw my aunt Bobbie who I haven't seen in awhile and Holly and I went swimming in a huge lake! There are actually alligators up stream from where we were swimming and there were turtles and water snakes too! But we decided to swim by the boat ramp where we felt semi-safe! Over all, it was fun. :)

(Random sign saying Austin lol)(Me walking to the boat ramp!)(Does this make me look more southern?;))(Holly and I infront of a historic church in Georgia)(Holly and I in a gas station, and me being a dork)(Me wearing a cowboy hat)(Holly wearing a cow boy hat)(The old man was uglayy!)(Holly posing next to the old fake man)(Yup...she caught me sleeping!)(ENTERING ALABAMA!!!)(The RV parked at the lake)(My dad and Mom, oh yeah and Dorrie)(Bri to the left, Holly to the right)(Random dock)(Pretty!)(Another pretty scene of the lake)(Us with wild hair!)(Myself- making a heart..aww!)(Holly in the water)(Just another picture of the lake I took)(Another dock)(Posing at the table)(Me with my new phone case on my lap)(Dorrie!) (Uncle Gary and Aunt Bobbie hugging after not seeing eachother for weeks) (Going into GEORGIA!!!)

(My mom on the left, Uncle Gary in the front, and Holly on the right)

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