Friday, July 23, 2010

The Up-Late Post

I had to take a double take while looking at the clock! It's already 10:30pm! Can't sleep while everyone else is ready to crash. I'm use to going to bed at 4am, not being up by then! Okay, don't have to be up that early but close enough, if you consider 6:00am to be anyway. My brother drove down to Wilcox to stay one night with the Family before we hit the road for good going to Texas tomorrow. He's a bit annoying sometimes, but it's nice to have him along for the first day at least. KeKe, my cat, is along for the ride and she's down by my legs curled up sleeping. I love her so much :) I think tonight is going to be a long night. . . . The night is young, and so am I!


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