Sunday, July 25, 2010

DAY 3; Terelle, Texas (7/25/10)

Day three, 11 hours of driving and finally here. Holly and I walked around, found horses, and obvious took pictures. Later in the day, after watching the sun set, we put our swim suits on and went into the pool but mostly the jacuzzi! After, we swung on the swings - fast way to dry! Now, it's almost bedtime. Not use to this two hour difference stuff! Enjoy the pics.

-Love, Bri

(Holly sliding down the slide!)

(Me climbing UP the slide, lol)

(Petting the horse)

(Feeding the horse) (Holly swinging!)
(The RV)

(Where we are staying in Terelle, Texas)
(Me and a cowboy lookin' thing!)
(Another pic of the sun setting)(Playground and pool behind it)

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