Thursday, July 29, 2010

6th day - Afternoon Blog Post

So we're here in Serierville, Tennessee. I guess it's really close to Pigeon Forge. I found a mall so Holly and I are going to go right now! SHOPPING! :) This place is so nice, it has a huge river, and two pools here. There are also a lot of bears here too apparently. We will have to see. I'm just glad we will be parked for a few days without the whole get up and go situation. Hope everyone who is reading this has a good day and thanks for staying up with this.

-Bri(Taking a picture of the street we parked our RV on)(Me giving my dog kisses and yeah yeah I know the price tag is still on my shirt)(Holly telling me my future!)(Where Holly and I had dinner and a vegetarian waiter! SWEET!)(Frisky Jr. & I might be going back to get him!)(Couldn't help but draw on my dads car!)

(My uncle instructing me on how to ride his mo ped!!! :] It was SWEET)

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