Friday, July 23, 2010

First Stop! (7/23/10)

This is Bri here! Decided on making a blog for friends and family to view our pictures across the United States. You may find this exciting, or you may not. Either way, I thought it would be a good idea! So- with that said, my dad (Patrick) was tired from having to work today then come home and drive the beast aka The RV :) Therefore, we stopped in Wilcox, AZ. It's an RV park called Magic Circle. It's, well not as exciting as the usual KOA sites, but it'll do for the night. As I glance out the window, I can see SAFEWAY. Don't get me wrong, I love Safeway, but I was looking forward to 3 weeks without a reminder of work :) Can you blame me? Tomorrow we will be on the road, going through New Mexico and staying the night in Texas. Where in Texas? I have no idea yet. . . So stay tuned :) This will be updated everyday!

~Love, Bri
(Magic Circle- RV place we stayed at in Wilcox, Arizona)


(There were a lot of truck drivers near us)

(Our RV at Magic Circle the first day)

(Giddy up horsey!!)

(Holly advertising her crackers)

(Lets just say that these mashed potatoes weren't what you call a gormet meal) (Holly in the street, walking towards the restaurant called: Country Fare.)

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