Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6th day (7/28/10) In Georgia/Tennessee

Today we got up, got ready and cruised on over to my Uncle Gary's house to see my cousins, have pizza, and catch up! It was a nice get-together. Holly and I walked around their house because it's all forest! Then my Uncle Randy met up with us, and My uncle Gary, My dad, and My Uncle Randy all got in our RV's and we followed eachother to Tennessee! We are only about an hour into Tennessee, not even sure where, because they were tired of driving. Tomorrow we will be in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for 4 nights straight! Yay! Shopping too! :)

(LEFT TO RIGHT: My cousin Elizabeth sitting, my aunt Bobbie standing above her, and my other cousin Sarah standing next to her. My dad is sitting and my mom is next to him then me, and my uncle Gary.)

(Playing with Jayden, my uncle's grandkid)

(He really liked the Motorcycle)


(He loved the wooden train!)


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